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Everything we do at Simply Smart is designed to help our clients develop their people more efficiently.

From on-boarding through the on-going development, we provide our clients custom tailored content built around their store, their market and their customers.

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The three pillars of the Simply Smart Development solution 

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The Simply Smart Delivery System

The Simply Smart Delivery System makes its easy to schedule sessions with a click of a mouse. This provides your team a view of the month's upcoming sessions with the topics and who will be leading the session. All paper sign in sheets have been eliminated and replaced with electronic sign in forms accessed via the participant's smart phone.


The Simply Smart Integrated Onboarding

Working with your management team a list of key tasks or activities for new hires is created.

These tasks are viewed via an integrated mobile app to ensure the new hire knows what to expect and when.

This allows you to view the status of new hires throughout the process.

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The Simply Smart Targeted Approach

At the heart of the Simply Smart approach is the creation of targeted development sessions. Each session focuses on a single topic.

This allows the Manager to deliver a prepared session complete with participant guide and assessment in thirty minutes or less.


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