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The Simply Smart -Integrated Onboarding Tracker

On-boarding Tracker

On-boarding generally starts during the recruitment process and then involves new hire orientation which covers the required compliance and HR information. This module is designed to assist the on-boarding process by delivering a list of training tasks and or activities related to the new hires role to their smartphone. 

Based on the dealer's input, the on-boarding tracker provides a checklist of the tasks and activities they are expected to complete for their specific role in the company.

As the new hire goes through each specified time period they check off the tasks as they are completed. 

Video Recaps - Utilizing the Simply Smart exclusive video assessment component, the new hire records a recap of their day, week or month based on your onboarding schedule. This allows you to hear first hand, how they are doing during this crucial phase of their employment and respond via text or take action when needed.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 12.07.04 AM.png

Having an on-boarding schedule accomplishes two things:

  • Ensures new hires do not fall between the cracks

  • Demonstrates the company's commitment to the new team member

This process continues throughout the entire on-boarding period which is determined by you at which point the new hire continues their development participating in the department's on-going training sessions.

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