Every effective development approach begins with content. If everyone is going to be reading out of the same book then we need to ensure that the content is solid and defines a proven approach specific for your store. 

Even-though every car deal has similar components, how you deliver those steps varies greatly based on your brand, your market and most importantly your clients. The more accurately your training reflects these, the more effective your training is.

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Targeted Approach Session

Each course or lesson will be digitally packaged into a "Targeted Approach Session" containing:​

  • ​Online video - To introduce topic

  • Facilitator guide - PDF download of meeting notes

  • Quick Reference guide - One or two page handout to facilitate class interactivity through role plays and discussions

  • Process Documentation - (if applicable when introducing new approach)

At Simply Smart we understand that more is not always better when it comes to training and have developed a simple yet effective approach to developing and delivering content. 

Implementation Strategy

Having great content is key, now we need to ensure that it is delivered in a consistent and effective manner. If your team already has regularly scheduled training sessions then we are not talking about adding more training, but making those meetings more focused and targeted. 


Each staff member who will be delivering training will need to complete the "Train the Trainer" certification workshop prior to conducting a training session. These workshops will introduce the Guided Discovery training methodology and be conducted in-store initially and on-line to accommodate new hires and internal promotions.

This ensures that all content is presented in an equally effective manner.

The IMA Approach

Each targeted approach session will follow the "IMA" three step approach.


This approach involves the following:

  1. Introduce - The process or approach is introduced via a short video to open the discussion. Session facilitator then engages class highlighting the objectives and sharing personal experiences and current challenges.

  2. Model - The behavior is modeled and class role plays the approach demonstrating the behavior discussed in the previous step

  3. Assess - The performances are assessed as a group. This facilitates the team to learn from each other in an informal environment.

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By utilizing the "IMA" approach you will keep your meetings on track and focused. Each class is designed to completed in :30 minutes or less.

Whether you have existing content or you need to have your vision documented and content built, Simply Smart can assist you in getting back to basics or taking your training to a new level. 

"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn" 

-  Benjamin Franklin

The Simply Smart Targeted Approach

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