Why Simply Smart ?

01. Experience

Simply Smart Training was founded on decades of training and process improvement experience. This includes working with and for hundreds of dealers as well as some of the largest automotive groups in the country.

This provided us with exposure to hundreds of stores and their approaches to doing business. What we discovered was the vast majority of store's processes from the initial greeting to delivery were very similar.


The key difference between the most productive stores and the rest was the most productive stores made the training and on-going development of their people a priority. This empowered their team to deliver a more consistent client experience which lead to improved client satisfaction. By having more involved team members, the overall store culture and employee retention rose as well. 

02. Custom Content

Every effective training approach begins with content. If everyone is going to be reading out of the same book then we need to ensure that the content is solid and defines a proven approach specific to your store. 

Whether you have existing content or you need to have your vision documented and content built, Simply Smart can assist you in getting back to basics or taking your training to a new level by developing prepared training sessions for your teams.

03. IntegratedOn-boarding

On-boarding generally starts during the recruitment process and then involves new hire orientation which covers the required compliance and HR information. Every Simply Smart Training approach includes an integrated on-boarding module to ensure all new hires are provided the tools and training to become productive members of your organization.


This module is designed to assist the on-boarding process by delivering a list of specific training tasks and or activities related to the new hires role directly to their smartphone. As the new hire completes the identified tasks for that day, week or month they check off the tasks and provide feedback if necessary.

By having the new hire provide feedback, this ensures that they receive the guidance and follow up when needed.

04. Targeted Approach Sessions

The key to sustained performance in any field is consistent on-going training. One of if not the biggest obstacle to delivering this is time. Most managers are not opposed to training, however they are tasked with the daily performance of their department and having them find time to create, schedule and deliver on-going training sessions can be challenging. 

By having prepared development sessions (Targeted Approach Sessions) with participant guides and introductory video we make it possible to introduce and address a topic or concern in thirty minutes.

This allows managers to spend less time fumbling with a powerpoint and more time interacting with the team sharing challenges and best practices of others on the team.  

05. The Simply Smart Delivery System

The final piece of the training puzzle is delivering the on-going training and the administrative tasks associated with it. If you don't know the who, what, when and how of your approach to developing your people, then how will you know if it is being effective? 


The Simply Smart Delivery System makes its easy to schedule targeted sessions with a click of a mouse. This provides your team a view of the month's upcoming training sessions with the topics and who will be leading the session. All paper sign in sheets have been eliminated and replace with electronic sign in forms accessed via the participant's smart phones.  

All development activities are tracked and easily accessible via either desktop or mobile device.


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