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  • Focuses on MPI service offerings

  • Improves advisor confidence 

  • Individual and group training sessions

  • Integrated Mobile App

  • Confirm training effectiveness via integrated video assessments

  • Integrated ROI worksheet to track financial impact

  • One-on-One coaching made easy

Drive Potential

Everyday a number of vehicles cross your service drive and each one is coming in for a specific reason.

How well your Multipoint Inspection process is performed determines the amount of additional work captured each day.


13% of the tires that cross your drive need to be   replaced or will in the near future.

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Alignment Clipart.jpeg

30% are in need of an alignment. Some of these show visible signs, some not.


The Impact Training Series focuses on educating and developing the presentation skills of your advisors. The more value they build in each of the needed services the more services are sold and the more CPRO growth you have.

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Top producing service advisors have always done things radically different than the rest. They are able to connect and relate to their customers more effectively.

These skills can be taught and the Impact Training Series includes a comprehensive library of interpersonal skills training course to help your advisors learn how to build rapport, earn the trust of their customers more effectively 

In addition to the Interpersonal Skills courses, the Impact Training Series provides courseware for each of the services identified on the Multipoint Inspection that provide the following:

  • Intro video - Provides a brief introduction to the product or service

  • Facilitator Guide - Serves as roadmap for the manager or trainer to use when conducting group training sessions.

  • Participant Guide - Allows for participants to take notes and follow along video.

  • Quick Reference Guide - A printable form that highlights opportunities, features and the benefits of each service along with suggested word tracks.

Verifiable Training Results

Through the use of the Simply Smart exclusive video assessment feature, you can confirm that each participant can actually perform the act or skill discussed in the training session.

This simple and effective feature allows you to see and hear your advisors presenting a product or service. You can then rate them and provide feedback as to how they could improve.

This facilitates one-on-one coaching that allows you to engage each advisor remotely. 

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"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn" 

-  Benjamin Franklin

Track Financial Impact

There is only one reason to train on any topic or skill and that is to improve. 


The Simply Smart Impact Training series makes it easy to track the financial impact of the training via our integrated ROI worksheet.

You determine your baseline for the topic you want to focus on and then each week with one click of your mouse simply enter  that weeks number. These numbers can be easily viewed right from your dashboard.  

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Impact Training vs The Competition


Impact Training

Most e-learning programs do a good job at educating your people and confirming they can answer some multiple choice questions.


The Impact Training System takes your training approach to all new level.

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The Simply Smart -
Impact Training Series

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