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Delivery System

Delivery System

The final piece of the puzzle is delivering the on-going development and the administrative tasks associated with it. If you don't know the who, what, when and how of your development approach, then how will you know if it is being effective? 

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The Simply Smart Delivery System makes its easy for your managers to schedule group development sessions with a click of a mouse.


This provides your team a view of the month's upcoming sessions with the topics and who will be leading the discussion.

Attendance Tracking

For group sessions paper sign-in sheets have been eliminated and replaced with electronic sign in forms accessed with the participant's smart phones via the participant's guide QR code  

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Targeted Approach Delivery

Each targeted session consists of:

  • Introductory video (3-4 minute long to introduce topic)

  • Facilitator Guide (Course review with talking points to keep session on track)​

  • Quick Reference Guide (Formatted for recording key points and facilitating activity)​

  • Process Documentation (if new process is being introduced)

Facilitator Guide

When conducting a group session, the Facilitator Guide provides the session leader a high level agenda and desired outcome for the session. This guide will provide example talking points to facilitate discussion about identified topic. This provides a standardized approach to all the development sessions and thus keeps the discussions on topic and maximizes the use of everyones time. 

Note: The Facilitators Guide will primarily be used by those facilitating the session for the first time, as once they become familiar with the content there would be no need.

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Facilitator Guide

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Facilitator Guide

Quick Reference Guide

The Quick reference Guide is formatted to promote note taking throughout the session and ensure that key points are recorded. The sign in QR code is located on top of the guide with the session knowledge check QR code located at the bottom of the guide. Any activities such as role play scenarios will also be provided to facilitate an organized activity.

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Quick Reference


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Quick Reference Guide


Each targeted session will include two related class assessments to verify the understanding of the covered material.

Online Quiz:

The first is an online quiz accessed with their smartphone via the QR code at the bottom of their participant guide (group sessions only)

This quiz is designed to confirm a basic understanding of the topic discussed.


The results are stored in the site's database and can be retrieved by both the participant or management via training assessment responses link.

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Video Assessment:


The second is a video assessment also accessed with their smartphone via the training library/the related course/video assessment tab.

This assessment allows the participant the demonstrate their understanding of the course topic by sharing their key takeaways or demonstrating  the skill discussed.

(greeting, response to objections, presenting a product,  phone skills etc...)

Participant uploads the video to the site's database where both the manager and participant can view via the website under the video assessment link.

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Via mobile app participant records selfie video

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Particiapnt previews and uploads video


All development activities are tracked and easily accessible via desktop or mobile device.


Individuals can view their activity and completion percentages as well as assessment performance.


Managers can view their department's activity with sorting options by course topic, date range or individual team member.

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